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What do those fault codes mean?

What do those fault codes mean?

People often ring me in a panic, asking for help because lights have appeared on their dashboard and they are unsure what they mean. So, I have put together a short list of what some of them mean.  This may help put your mind to rest.

New vehicles all come with on board diagnostics 2 (obd-ii). This is a fault-registering system connected to sensors all over the car. When the check engine light comes on it can mean many things and it is best to leave it up to a mechanic. Here is a brief description what those warning lights mean:

Check Engine light – code p0440 obd-ii. P0440 is the code for evaporative emission control system malfunction which covers many faults but the easiest one to fix is checking the petrol cap. Most new cars have a pressurised fuel system and vapour recovery loop. If you have filled up with petrol and not twisted the petrol cap until it clicks, you’ve not sealed the fuel system. It won’t pressurise and the obd2 system will log a p0440 code. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you should call Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

The service engine light
This might indicate “service”, “service engine” or “maint reqd”. It’s an indicator that you’re getting close to a scheduled maintenance interval. On some cars it’s as simple as counting km before it comes on, whilst on others it maps engine temperatures, oil temperatures, air temperatures and other indicators of probable stress to tell you when it might be time for new oil or a service

The electrical fault lights.
This warning light is different in every car but normally it looks like a picture of a battery. You’ll see it come on and go off when you start your engine as part of the car’s self-test, but if this light comes on and stays on, it means the electrical charging system is no longer working properly.

Brake warning light 1
Most cars have a brake warning light on the dash. Its purpose is to alert you that something is wrong in the braking system somewhere. The brake warning light does not have a standard meaning; it could be used for many purposes. It could be as simple as leaving the handbrake on or it could be more serious.

Brake warning light 2
If you’ve got ABS, you also have a second light. If it comes on, get it seen to as soon as possible. It means the ABS computer has diagnosed that something is wrong in the system. It could be something as simple as dirt in one of the sensors, or something as costly as an entire ABS unit replacement. Either way, if that light is on, then you have trouble.

Coolant warning light
This is normally the coolant level warning light. If this comes on it means that the level of coolant in your radiator is low and needs topping up. Do it when the engine is cold. Top up the system with either a pre-mixed coolant bought from a shop, or with distilled water.

Oil warning light
This light will come on if your oil pressure is too low. Low oil pressure is serious and if you continue to drive with this light on, eventually your engine will die. Low oil pressure can be caused by a failed oil pump, a blocked oil filter or strainer in the sump, or by low oil levels

Of course, if you see any warning lights please call Townsville Mobile Mechanic and I can sort them out for you. Call 0400401171


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