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pre purchase inspections

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Buying a second-hand vehicle can be fraught with peril even when the vehicle comes with a Roadworthy Certificate. You can never be sure what condition the vehicle is in or what repairs it may need in the near future. Whether you are doing a vehicle swap, buying a vehicle from friends, family or from strangers or on the internet it is hard to know if a vehicle is worth what it is being sold for. If you’re buying a used vehicle it makes sense to have a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. Get an expert opinion on the current state of the vehicle and the heads up on any repairs that are required or likely to be required in the future.

Why don’t you call the Townsville Mobile Mechanic to check it out for you? You receive a professional assessment of the condition of the vehicle you can make an informed decision. The Townsville Mobile Mechanic is both highly qualified and experienced automotive mechanical and electrical. He has over 20 years of experience working on all makes and models and experience and qualifications in mechanic and automotive engineering as well as airconditioning. The Townsville Mobile Mechanic can quickly diagnose and pinpoint problems with vehicle and he understands how faults can affect a vehicles resale value.

How useful is the pre-purchase vehicle inspection service?

The Townsville Mobile Mechanic Pre-Purchase Car Inspection is a comprehensive inspection detailing the current state of the vehicle. A mobile vehicle inspection will provide you with:

  • Peace of mind when making a large purchase decision

  • Identify issues to be rectified by the manufacturer when a new car warranty is due to expire

  • Improve the resale value of a car
  • Help you save money when negotiating private sales
  • Don’t take the risk

    Most people don’t have the knowledge to be able to determine whether a car is in good, safe working condition.
    While you may not understand some of the items listed on the pre-purchase car inspection report, you can be assured that our inspection leaves no stone unturned in the assessment of the car.
    Avoid any reason for stress or anxiety. Obtain an expert opinion from the outset and get peace of mind.


    • How does it work?

      The Townsville Mobile Mechanic will inspect the vehicle for you. You can choose to be present for this inspection or you can let the Townsville Mobile Mechanic negotiate a time to see the vehicle with the vehicles owner without you.  Inspection usually takes an hour. After the inspection, he will talk you through what he has found and advise you whether or not the you should purchase the vehicle and give you information you can use for negotiating the price down with the seller. You can potentially save thousands of dollars.

    • What is included in the pre-purchase vehicle inspection procedure?

        A full diagnosis of the vehicle includes:

      • Check engine oil and filter
      • Check transition and driveline oils and fluids
      • Check brakes
      • Check exhaust
      • Check steering and suspension
      • Check (external) engine belts and hoses
      • Check all lights
      • Check tyres and pressures
      • Check windscreen washers and front wiper blades.
      • Battery test
      • Pressure test cooling system and test coolant condition
      • Test brake fluid condition
      • Check (external) air and fuel filters
      • Check (internal) cabin filter if fitted
      • Check spark plug