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Why You Should Consider Fleet Repair Maintenance Service

Fleet management or Fleet service and repair can be a hassle and cause considerable disruption to business. The process of getting the vehicle to the workshop or service centre usually involves two staff, one to drop off the car and the other staff member in another vehicle to pick the first staff member up. The vehicle being serviced or repaired is gone all day.  Decreasing the size of your fleet and limited your staff movements. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the mechanic brought the workshop to you? Wouldn’t it be easier if you called the Townsville Mobile Mechanic?

  • Townsville Mobile Mechanic will come to you, at your place of business or wherever the vehicles are garaged. Saving your staff time and keeping the fleet available for use.
  • Townsville Mobile Mechanic will service your vehicle in approximately one hour, you won’t lose the vehicle for the entire day. Repair times may vary but for most vehicles one hour should be sufficient.

Special Offers for Fleets in Townsville

  • Complementary Monthly Fleet Maintenance and Safety Inspection

    A monthly safety inspection of your fleet and taking doing maintenance such as checking oil, water and tyre pressure. A complete report will be given to you at outlining the health of your fleet.

  • Standard and Major and Logbook Services

    Vehicle servicing.  Townsville Mobile Mechanic Standard and Major Services cover everything in a logbook service and more so your logbook will be stamped

    Customised Maintenance and Service Schedule

    Take the hassle out of keeping track of when each of your vehicles needs maintenance and servicing. The Townsville Mobile Mechanic will customise your fleets Maintenance and Service Schedule and contact you to book your vehicles in at a time that suits you with minimal disruption to your business.

  • Mechanic and Electrical Repairs at heavily discount prices

    Your vehicles will be serviced at a discounted rate when you sign up for the plan. The Townsville Mobile Mechanic will make a time to do repairs at the soonest convenience to you at your business. No need to take your vehicle to a workshop. We understand having a vehicle off the road costs money! You should have your vehicle up and going in no time.

  • Air Conditioning Diagnostic and Repair

    The Townsville Mobile Mechanic can re-gas and repair vehicle air conditioning. Living in Townsville we all understand it is not the place to go without air conditioning. This service for those on the plan is also provided at a discounted rate.

On his initial visit the Townsville Mobile Mechanic will do a free, complementary safety inspection on you fleet. It takes approximately 15 minutes to 30 minutes per vehicle.

After inspecting your fleet The Townsville Mobile Mechanic will tell you all about it. The good, the bad and the ugly. He will then write up your quote. The quote for your fleet for the year should take no longer than 24 hours to arrive. You can expect to save thousands of dollars per year on vehicle service and repairs. 

“Sandro has been my mechanic for the past two years and I have been very pleased with his service. The convenience of him coming to my home means that I am only without the use of my car (which I need for my business – Aussie Pooch Mobile) for an hour or so, rather than a half day or more if I was to leave it a mechanic workshop. So I can still have a productive day.

Sandro is prompt and thorough and explains his work to me. I always feel that he gives me a realistic explanation of what needs to be done and when rather than try and gain extra work and dollars for himself.

He has my 100% recommendation”

Cath Weston – Mundingburra.
Aussie Pooch Mobile

The Townsville Mobile Mechanic Fleet Management Plan

If you are interested in having the Townsville Mobile Mechanic come to your business and take advantage a free Safety Inspection and get a quote for your business. If you require more information you can download our Fleet Management Plan for more specific, detailed information.