Motor Vehicle or Car Service

A series of procedures carried out at a set time interval or after the vehicle has travelled a certain distance. The service intervals are specified by the vehicle manufacturer in a service schedule and some modern cars display the due date for the next service electronically on the instrument panel.

The completed services are usually recorded in a service book which is stamped by the mechanic upon completion of each service. A complete service history usually adds to the resale value of a vehicle.

Taking your vehicle into a mechanic for a service can daunting. The idea of leaving your car in the hands of mechanic without knowing what’s happening it can also feel little worrying. What’s being done, what parts are being replaced, what exactly should I expect once the service has been completed? The Townsville Mobile Mechanic will take the time to show you and explain to you what he has done to your car. You have nothing to worry about.

Following a vehicle service schedule and ensuring you perform routine maintenance is difficult but consider this; having your vehicle service regularly helps reduce emissions and improves your fuel consumption, both of which can save you money at the petrol pump and also save you costly repairs in the future. Your car is an investment. Why wouldn’t you take care of it?

Townsville Mobile Mechanic have three types of Service

Standard Service

Major Service

Manufacturers Logbook Service

A Standard Service – every 10,000 km or annually

This essential, regular service maintains lubricant and fluid levels, together with an inspection of brakes, exhaust, steering, suspension and other essential safety items.

Your vehicle is tested and you receive a report of our inspection. A standard service includes:

  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Check air filter

  • Check cabin filter (if fitted)

  • Check and top up all oils and fluids

  • Check brakes

  • Check exhaust

  • Check transmission
  • Check steering and suspension

  • Check (external) engine belts and hoses

  • Check all lights

  • Check tyre condition and pressures

  • Check windscreen wipers and washers

  • Battery test

  • Safety inspection

Major Service – every 40,000 km (depending on vehicle)

This extensive, major service includes all the items from our Standard Service, replacement spark plugs and front wiper blades plus an analysis of the engine management system. A Major service includes:

  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Replace drive line oils (if required)

  • Replaced fuel filter (if required)

  • Replace air filter (if required)

  • Replace cabin filter (if required)

  • Check brakes

  • Check exhaust

  • Check transmission

  • Check steering and suspension

  • Check (external) engine belts and hoses
  • Check all lights

  • Check tyres and pressures

  • Check windscreen washers and replace (standard) front wiper blades.

  • Battery test

  • Pressure test cooling system and test coolant condition

  • Test brake fluid condition

  • Replace spark plugs as required

  • Fuel additive and engine flush treatments as recommended

  • Safety inspection

  • Report

An inspection may reveal the need for additional parts to be replaced at extra cost. Additional cost applies for platinum or iridium spark plugs, semi or full synthetic oils and wipers blades in lieu of inserts. Additional surcharge may apply to 4WD, commercial and some imported vehicles.

Logbook Service – As per manufacturers specifications

Are you aware that you do not need to get your car serviced at a car dealership in order to keep your new car warranty? Townsville Mobile Mechanic Standard and Major Services cover everything in a logbook service and more so your logbook will be stamped.

It all starts with Routine Maintenance

Don’t be afraid to check out your vehicle yourself. A little DIY maintenance can save you time and money and prevent problems later. You don’t need to be a professional. Spending 15 minutes every month for an under-the-hood check may prevent 70% of problems that lead to breakdowns. Check the following list once a month or every 3000km:

  • air filter

  • automatic transmission fluid level on the dipstick

  • accessory drive belts

  • brake fluid

  • battery

  • power-steering fluid
  • coolant

  • windshield wipers and amount of windshield washerfluid

  • the hoses

  • the wiring

  • oil level on the dipstick

  • tyres

If you need help ask The Townsville Mobile Mechanic and he can show you the first time. It gets easier with practice.  If you find you have concerns with anything you see during your inspection give us a call.