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Reversing Cameras
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Reversing Cameras

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about Reversing Cameras. I thought I would take this opportunity to give you all a bit of information about them and what to look for when buying one.

Basically, a reversing camera is a CCTV (closed circuit TV) camera that is mounted on the rear of the vehicle, with a viewing screen mounted on the dash, or in the dash or in your rear-view mirror. This allows the drivers to clearly see what is behind them and in their blind spot without having to turn around to look.

Reversing cameras are important because they maintain your control and visibility. When you drive a vehicle forward, you can at least see everything in front of your windscreen. But when reversing a vehicle, your vision is restricted immediately behind you and in the blind spot on the rear passenger side. You may say to yourself but why can’t we just turn our heads to make sure there is nothing behind before we select reverse gear?

There are a couple of big reasons why parking sensors and reversing cameras are indispensable today. Firstly, outward vision in modern cars is much more limited than in older vehicles. Look at a 1960’s car and you see an airy cabin with lots of glass and super-thin roof pillars. Due to crash protection and a focus on airflow for fuel economy we have deeper doors and much smaller windows, especially at the rear.  Secondly, Australians are also buying a vast number of vehicles that sit high, especially full-sized SUVs and dual-cab utes, with blind spots.

There are many benefits to having a reversing camera. Other than not hitting what you cannot see behind you.

They make it much easier to hook up a trailer or caravan when there’s no one available to guide you.

It is also a much more ergonomically-friendly way to drive. Reversing in the normal manner requires you to turn in your seat and crane your neck in an attempt to see what is behind you, which can be very uncomfortable. A reversing camera allows you to remain facing forwards, with your hands firmly on the wheel.

A further benefit is that if another driver runs into you while the camera is switched on, you will have video evidence for your insurance company, or for the police if the driver does not remain at the scene. Not all reversing cameras have digital recording function. This is something to look for when purchasing your Reversing camera.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a reversing camera. Here are just a few.


Look for a wide viewing angle. Wider angles often mean lower picture quality but is this important when the point is seeing the obstacle in the first place?


Most cameras are round and attach to the bumper bar or license plate, others sit in the back window or clip on the rear-view mirror. Some flexibility with the camera is useful to get the best angle. Multiple cameras wired into a monitor are useful for hauling boats or caravans.


These clip over your standard rear-view mirror and turn half, or all, of the mirror into a monitor when you put the car in reverse.  You do nopt need to remove your old mirror if you prefer you can get clip ons.


The larger the monitor, the easier it will be to see any obstructions, but remember you’ll have a monitor, possibly alongside others, cluttering up your dash.

Reverse start

Most kits will start when you select the reverse gear – avoid ones that don’t.


This will make a little difference in ease of installation, but all kits require a hard wire install to the reversing lights to power the camera. Wired kits also require a cable to be routed under the carpet, from the monitor through the car to the camera.

DVR Digital Video Recording

Not all reversing cameras have digital recording function. Look for ones that do if you want the peace of mind that you will have evidence in an accident.


Car reversing camera kits range in price from approximately $150 to $1500! Depending on what features you are looking for.

If you are interested in buying a reversing camera call me Sandro the Townsville Mobile Mechanic on 0400 401 171



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