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Essential Tools for Car Owners
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Essential Tools for Car Owners

Your mechanic is the best person to maintain and service your vehicle. After all, they are trained professionals. But it is always wise to be prepared for those times is when you need to act yourself. Below are some essential tools you may need in case of an emergency.

Jack/Axle Stands

The jack and axle stands should always be used when the car has been raised off the ground. Use the factory-recommended slots underneath the car for the axle stands.

Wrench/Spanner, HEX Key, Plier and Screwdriver Sets

These sets of tools are not only common to be used on vehicles; they are also common household tools too.

Trolley Jack

Select the jack best suited for your vehicle before purchasing. Most vehicles will also have “jack points” under the car, this is where the car should be jacked up from.

Wheel chocks

When the car has been raised of the ground, chocks should be used to stop the car rolling dangerously backwards or forwards.

Wheel brace

A flat tyre is one of the most common issues drivers will have to face without their mechanic. They are often found with the spare tyre in a vehicle however it is suggested you purchase a longer wheel brace. A longer wheel brace is preferable as it makes it easier to remove wheel nuts.

Jumper pack

Jumper packs are available in sizes so check the packs capacity to ensure it will suit your vehicle. Sandro can supply these just give him a call.

Torch/Work light

Working on your vehicle at night or in the dark is also a situation that often cannot be avoided. Having a work light or flashlight can help in various situations.

Fire Extinguisher

When working in a garage on a vehicle, you are in an enclosed space with explosive liquid (fuel and gas), an energy source (battery) and other flammable materials. For the safety of yourself, your working space and your car, an extinguisher is a necessary safety item.

Of course if you ever need any help with your vehicle you can call the Townsville Mobile Mechanic for advice, service or repairs anytime.


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