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Cleaning the Air Filter

Cleaning the Air Filter

A car air filter provides clean air to the engine to combine with fuel and produce a fuel vapour used in combustion. As your air filter gets used, it becomes clogged with dust, dirt, bugs and other airborne particles. When this happens, it’s necessary to change or clean your air filter to maintain vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

The steps to achieve a clean car air filter depend on whether you have an oiled or dry filter, as well as your vehicle’s set-up. Oiled air filters require extra steps, due to re-oiling. Dry air filters are made of cotton gauze or paper and are denser and more restrictive than oiled filters. Oiled air filters comprise several loose layers that are coated in sticky oil to catch debris. While dry filters clog faster than oiled filters as they have a less-restricted flow, they’re also faster to clean.

1.Lift the bonnet and remove your current air filter from its housing on the top of your engine. The housing could look like a rectangular or round box, depending on your filter’s shape.

2. For a dry filter, use the hose attachment of a vacuum to absorb the dust and dirt that has collected. Do a quick vacuum of the filter housing as well. Go to step 7.

3. For an oiled filter, spray the filter with a cleanser, you can find an oil filter cleanser at good auto shops. Allow it to soak for 10 minutes. DO NOT LET THE OIL DRY ON THE FILTER.

4. Rinse the cleaning solution off with low-pressure water until you have loosened and removed all debris.

5. Gently shake off any excess water and allow the air filter to dry naturally. Wait until the air filter is completely dry to apply oil.

6. Using filter oil, you can find filter oil at good auto shops, apply the oil all over the filter. Wipe up any extra oil and let it sit to absorb.

7. Return your air filter to its housing and secure all locks or clamps.

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