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  • What is a Standard Service?
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    What is a Standard Service?

    Car services can be broken into two types; there are the Standard services (generally every 10-15 thousand km or once per year depending on manufacturer) and the Major services (generally every 30-45 thousand kilometres depending on manufacturer). This essential, regular service maintains lubricant and fluid levels, together with an inspection of brakes, exhaust, steering, suspension

  • Rotating Tyres
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    Rotating Tyres

    Tyres aren’t cheap. A new one can set you back at least $100. If you go through a new set of tyres every year, you’re looking at spending at least $400.  You can extend the life of your tyres by regularly rotating them on your car. That is, moving the tyres to different positions. Front

  • Tyre Pressure
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    Tyre Pressure

    If your car feels “drifty” you may have low tyre pressure. Fortunately, it is easy to adjust your tyres air pressure at your local petrol station. Firstly, your tyres must be cold.Heat causes air to expand, and if they’re too warm, you will get an inaccurate reading. The recommendations vary, but ideally you should choose a