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    Squealing belts

    You don’t need to be a cast member of Top Gear to respect cars for the impressive mechanical inventions they are.  Our organic human anatomy is weak by comparison, too small too match the velocity of a 2000kg speeding chunk of metal.  We depend on our cars to be the strong ones of the relationship

  • What is a Standard Service?
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    What is a Standard Service?

    Car services can be broken into two types; there are the Standard services (generally every 10-15 thousand km or once per year depending on manufacturer) and the Major services (generally every 30-45 thousand kilometres depending on manufacturer). This essential, regular service maintains lubricant and fluid levels, together with an inspection of brakes, exhaust, steering, suspension

  • Checking belts for wear
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    Checking belts for wear

    Do you hear any squealing sounds from the engine when you drive? These sounds likely mean one or more belts are worn, lose or damaged. Some vehicles have two drive belts, but most modern vehicles have a single belt, called a serpentine belt. It’s a reinforced, ribbed rubber belt that delivers power to your alternator, air