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    Squealing belts

    You don’t need to be a cast member of Top Gear to respect cars for the impressive mechanical inventions they are.  Our organic human anatomy is weak by comparison, too small too match the velocity of a 2000kg speeding chunk of metal.  We depend on our cars to be the strong ones of the relationship

  • Exhaust Emisions
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    Exhaust Emisions

    Let’s face it. You’re highly unlikely to win friends and influence people while you’re near asphyxiating them with visibly offensive fumes escaping your rear end. I can practically feel the blistering warmth of your blushed cheeks from here, possibly shamefully recollecting montage of past scenarios where you involuntarily released gas potent enough to jeopardise friendship

  • Why won’t my car start?
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    Why won’t my car start?

    Sometimes everything we took for granted can change within the blink of an eye. Without rhyme or reason, life can indiscriminately hurtle a curve ball hard and fast, reminding us as mere humans that bad things do happen to good people. These situations can test us to our limits, revealing our true character within. Shimmy