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  • Some thoughts on Suspension

    Some thoughts on Suspension

    The term suspension may or may not conjure an array of unsettling assumptions in our modern first world minds. Suspension of what exactly? Of ones previously angelic teenaged child from high school? From a bungee cord from a substantial height? From ones phone and internet services? Sweet mother of Myrtle, anything but that. That escalated

  • How does it work? Braking systems
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    How does it work? Braking systems

    A few things in life will likely remain perpetually mysterious, like the origin of the Great Pyramids, the cause of dinosaur extinction and whether our single missing socks are conspiring in secret to covertly take over the world. Fortunately, good people, I can assure you that the workings of your car’s brakes needn’t remain a

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    Hybrid Cars

    I get asked a lot about Hybrid Cars. What are they? Are they as good for the environment as everyone thinks they are? How do you charge it up? Here is a quick explanation on Hybrid cars. Hybrid cars use a combination of battery technology (electric engine) and a petrol engine. There are four main