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  • Tyre Pressure
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    Tyre Pressure

    If your car feels “drifty” you may have low tyre pressure. Fortunately, it is easy to adjust your tyres air pressure at your local petrol station. Firstly, your tyres must be cold.Heat causes air to expand, and if they’re too warm, you will get an inaccurate reading. The recommendations vary, but ideally you should choose a

  • Changing a Flat Tyre
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    Changing a Flat Tyre

    At some time, every driver will be faced with a flat tyre. Changing a tyre, although intimidating to some people, is actually pretty easy to do. Here I have my instructions for quickly and easily changing your car tyre. There are a few essential tools you need for changing a tyre: jack, wheel stops or

  • Checking belts for wear
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    Checking belts for wear

    Do you hear any squealing sounds from the engine when you drive? These sounds likely mean one or more belts are worn, lose or damaged. Some vehicles have two drive belts, but most modern vehicles have a single belt, called a serpentine belt. It’s a reinforced, ribbed rubber belt that delivers power to your alternator, air