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What is Leaking out of my car!

What is Leaking out of my car!

Ever wondered what is leaking from under your car? Concerned that something maybe wrong? The table below can be used as a guide to determine what fluid you may find leaking from your vehicle and what it means.




Should I be concerned?

Fuel Petrol has a distinctive smell we are all familiar with. Fuel tank, fuel pipe, fuel lines, and injectors Yes! If your vehicle is leaking fuel you have a fire risk. Get it repaired as soon as possible.
Differential Oil Light brown or black and thicker than engine oil. Pinion seal or other seals Yes, if it is leaking on your brakes. Then you run the risk of brake failure.
Transmission Fluid/Oil Light brown or black and thicker than engine oil or it could be reddish coloured. Transmission pan/gasket, torque converter, fluid lines and seals. Yes, if the transmission is leaking and falls below minimum level you run the risk of transmission failure, Especially in an automatic.
Motor Oil Light brown or black with a medium consistency Oil pan, valve covers and oil filter. Yes and No. Depending on the position of the leak, Get it checked.
Brake fluid Yellow but slightly brown and slippery. Master cylinder seal, brake lines, wheel cylinder or piston seal. YES!  Any leaks to do with brakes or clutch fluid run the risk of brake failure and accident.
Power steering fluid Thin red or light brown Cracked power steering reservoir, power steering pump and hoses. Yes and No. Depending on the position of the leak, Get it checked.
Windscreen Wiper Fluid Thin bluish colour Cracked wiper fluid reservoir or wiper fluid lines No. Just bear in mind you will have trouble using your washers.
Water AC or exhaust condenser Yes and No. Depending on the position of the leak, Get it checked.
Coolant Slimy green, pink or yellow Radiator, radiator hoses or water pump. Yes and No. Depending on the position of the leak, Get it checked.


If you notice anything leaking from your car other than water there is usually a problem. Call Townsville Mobile Mechanic on 0400 401 171 to book in or book in online.




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  • Ariel Porter
    June 5, 2019, 1:39 pm REPLY

    An automobile uses different fluids to operate its various systems. Over the time, either the fluid level gets lowered due to leak or the fluid itself gets contaminated. That’s why all the fluids need to be inspected from time to time. If you don’t know which fluid represents which color, then you can’t say, what actually is leaking from your speed machine. Even after knowing the things, sometimes you can get confused. Well, in that case, you should call a car professional- https://europeansautotech.com/contact/ straight away.

  • Jaxon Barrallier
    June 12, 2019, 7:43 am REPLY

    This is an amazing piece of information. Similarly, as your body is loaded up with liquids that enable it to work appropriately, your vehicle has an assortment of fluids siphoning through it that enable it to keep running taking care of business. Furthermore, similarly, as your body springs a couple of leaks now and again, so too does your vehicle

    Realizing how to recognize that secretive puddle under your vehicle can help avoid little mechanical issues. I think this post has carried out its responsibility.

  • Busch vacuum pump
    June 2, 2020, 8:13 am REPLY

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