The Townsville Mobile Mechanic

Those of us with vehicles understand what an inconvenience it can be to schedule regular servicing and repair but we all know it is important. So why don’t you make it easy for yourself and call Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

There are so many reasons to use a mobile mechanic.

The Townville Mobile Mechanic travels to you

This may be at your home, work or any other place that is convenient for you. Hopefully not, but it may be the case that your car has broken down. In this circumstance too, he can travel to meet you and provide car repairs.

The Townsville Mobile Mechanic comes to you – wherever you are:

  • At your home

  • At your workplace

  • Where the vehicle has broken down
  • Convenience

    The Townsville Mobile Mechanic has many satisfied customers with over fifty-five 5 star reviews! Why? Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their car is being serviced and repaired while at work or going about your everyday activities at home. The Townsville Mobile Mechanic is also thorough and cost-effective. Never be stressed about getting your car serviced again. No more worrying about how to get your car to the workshop and still get yourself to work. You won’t lose your car for the day. Only for 1 hour! OK 2 tops!

    The Townsville Mobile Mechanic is able to service and repair a vast range of car repairs and service components, he can service and repair:

    • All makes and models of car including 4WD

    • All Vehicles from 1940 to present

    • All makes and models of Motorbikes

    • Trucks up 4.5 tonne

    • Skid steer equipment

    • Caravans, Camper trailers, Trailers and Horse floats

    • Inboard motor marine

    • Portable Solar systems

    • Lawnmowers and generators

    The Townsville Mobile Mechanic is highly skilled and experienced so customers can feel confident that most things requiring attention on their car can be attended to immediately. The Townsville Mobile Mechanic can diagnose and repair problems affecting your car’s electrical and air conditioning including but not limited to:

    • Engine repairs

    • Cooling system repairs

    • Suspension repairs

    • Transmissions repairs and services Alternators

    • Starter Motors

    • Duel Batteries, Lights & Accessories including LED

    • Cruise Control
    • Electric Brake Controllers

    • Dual Battery Systems

    • Reverse Camera Systems

    • UHF & Phone Kit Installations

    • Solar Kits Mounted or Portable

    • Battery Chargers Solar and 240V

    • Supply and or fitting Accessories

    Inspection of work

    The Townsville Mobile Mechanic works with you in your environment making communication easier.  You will get a sense of satisfaction from seeing a professional working on your car in real time at your home or business. You can ask for an explanation of services rendered or you can get tips or hints own vehicle maintenance. Townsville Mobile Mechanic will discuss with you the work undertaken and any car repairs that are necessary.

    The Townsville Mobile Mechanic will eliminate the inconvenience of traditional car servicing. No longer do you have to wait around or experience the disruption of having to leave your car somewhere and be without transport while it is worked on. Townsville Mobile Mechanic offers a comprehensive, high quality service that provides close attention to detail. Feel assured that your car is in the hands of a professional and will be back on the road as quickly as possible – but with superior performance and safety.