tomesville mobile mechanic car repair
tomesville mobile mechanic car repair 1

Mechanical Repairs

The Townsville Mobile Mechanic can take care of all your Automotive Mechanic needs

Including but not limited to:

  • Engine repairs

  • Cooling system repairs

  • Suspension repairs

  • Transmissions repairs and services

  • Accessories
  • Repairs need not be a hassle for drivers. No task is too big or small; we’ll take care of your car repairs and maintenance. If notice any of the following problems with your vehicle call the Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

    • Signs your engine needs repairs

      The engine is an integral part of your car. The engine is made up of various components all of which should be working together for your car to run.

      If your car is blowing white smoke there is a possibility that have a blown gasket. If the smoke is it means that the fuel/air mixture entering the engine’s combustion chamber is incorrect. If the smoke is blue, oil might be burning inside your engine, which can be dangerous.

      If you hear a loud, knocking sound coming from your car whenever you accelerate your vehicle, it is very likely that your car is having a bearing failure at the crankshaft or at the piston wrist pins.

      If you have any of these problems you need repairs. Call Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

    • Signs your vehicle needs radiator repairs

      The radiator acts as a cooling system that prevents the engine from overheating. If you notice your vehicle is overheating or you notice your temperature gauge shows the car is hotter than normal you radiator needs repairs. You may also notice that the car is leaking coolant.

      At the first signs of a faulty radiator call your Townsville Mobile Mechanic for repairs.

    • Signs your suspensions needs repairs

      Your vehicle’s suspension is the system that minimises bumps and vibrations for a smoother and more comfortable ride. Look for these warning signs to help identify that something is not quite right with your suspension: excessive bouncing, vehicle doesn’t brake smoothly, poor handling or tilt around corners or Irregular wear on tyres.

      If you have any of these problems you need repairs. Call Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

    Your first step in vehicle repair: Diagnostic

    A diagnostic assessment will take approximately 30 minutes and will give The Townsville Mobile Mechanic the opportunity to inspect the vehicle to determine the faults and any parts that are required for the repairs.

    The Diagnostic service incurs a small fee but this fee is refunded from the bill of repairs.

    The Townsville Mobile Mechanic will inspect and test to find the cause of the problem you are having. The process might involve use of a diagnostic tool or disassembly to view internal faults.

    After the Diagnostic, the Townsville Mobile Mechanic will explain to you in detail what is going wrong with your vehicle and what he can do to fix it. He will then give you a quote for repairs.

    In cases where an insurance company will make the repair payment. Townsville Mobile Mechanic will provide a report for the Insurer to facilitate the insurance claim.

    If you chose Townsville Mobile Mechanic to do the repairs we will book you a time. Booking times reflect the time to obtain parts but are usually in the same week as the Diagnostic.

    Getting the job done: Repairs

    When you next see the Townsville Mobile Mechanic, he will be doing repairs and have all parts and equipment provided. The Townsville Mobile Mechanic only does the repairs you authorise so you will never get any nasty surprises when you receive the invoice. If further problems are discovered during repairs he will talk to you about the problems and provide a further quote for your consideration. As the he only brings parts and equipment for your quoted job he cannot go ahead and do repairs outside the scope of the quote.

    Townville Mobile Mechanic offers everything you need to keep your vehicle in top shape. Maintenance and repair is crucial to prolonging the life of your vehicle, we can perform a range of checks to ensure your vehicle is fit for the road. All repair work done The Townsville Mobile Mechanic is done to the highest standards so you can relax, safe in the knowledge you and your car are being well looked after.