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Auto Electrical Repairs and Installation of Accessories

The auto electrical system is responsible for your car’s lighting, audio, auto starting, electronic stability control, electronic fuel injection and other essential functions that rely on electricity.

The Townsville Mobile Mechanic tests, supplies and fit accessories. He can take care of a range of Auto Electrical needs including but not limited to:

  • alternators

  • Starter Motors

  • Duel Batteries, Lights & Accessories including LED

  • Cruise Control

  • Electric Brake Controllers

  • Dual Battery Systems

  • Caravan & Campervan wiring

  • Reverse Camera Systems

  • UHF & Phone Kit Installations

  • Portable Solar Kits Mounted or Potable

  • Battery Chargers Solar and 240V

  • Supply and or fitting Accessories

Electrical problems are less common in today’s cars but they are also more difficult to diagnose than most mechanical problems.  Electrical faults generally require the use of specialised diagnostic equipment to identify the cause. This equipment can access the data your vehicle’s computer stores about how the different components are operating. This data can then be used to pin down the exact problem so that the Townsville Mobile Mechanic can make the required car repairs.

Electrical problems don’t always announce themselves in a way that is easy to understand. To help ensure you know what to look for, here are some of the common signs there is something amiss with your car’s electrical system. If you see have any problems like those listed blow with your car call the Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

Common Electrical Problems

  • Car Won’t Start

    This is the most common electrical problem you will experience in your car. If the car won’t start, there is a good chance you have a problem with the battery, the alternator, or the starter. If you turn the key and nothing happens, check to see if the interior lights came on when you opened the door. If the lights aren’t working and the car won’t start, the problem is likely a dead battery. If the lights are on but nothing happens when you turn the key, the problem is likely to be the  alternator. If you hear a clicking sound when you turn the key, the problem is likely the starter.

    If you have any of these problems you need repairs. Call Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

  • Visible Damage or Leakage from the Battery

    If you find corrosion stains or build-up around the terminal the battery is leaking or nearing the end of its life. Be careful if you notice any signs of damage or leakage as the contents of the battery are corrosive and can cause irritation to skin.

    If you have any of these problems you need repairs. Call Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

  • The Lights Work, But They Dim While Driving

    If you notice that the dashboard lights or the headlights seem to dim when you are driving at low speeds or when the car is idling, there may be a problem with the battery, the alternator, or the voltage regulator. If the battery is on its last legs it may be charging slower or have trouble holding a charge which can result in dimming headlights under certain conditions. Problems with the alternator or voltage regulator can also cause the lights to be dimmer under some circumstances.

    If you have any of these problems you need repairs. Call Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

  • The Car Runs Fine but the Brake Lights Don’t Work

    If you have replaced the bulbs in both brake lights to no avail, the problem may not be the bulbs at all, it may be a fuse. If some specific part of the vehicle like the brake lights or the radio isn’t working, check to make sure you don’t need to replace a fuse.

    If you have any of these problems you need repairs. Call Townsville Mobile Mechanic.

Your first step in vehicle repair: Diagnostic

A diagnostic assessment will take approximately thirty minutes to an hour and will give The Townsville Mobile Mechanic the opportunity to inspect the vehicle to determine the faults and any parts that are required for the repairs.

The Diagnostic service incurs a small fee but this fee is refunded from the bill of repairs.

The Townsville Mobile Mechanic will inspect and test to find the cause of the problem you are having. The process might involve use of a diagnostic tool or disassembly to view internal faults.

After the Diagnostic, the Townsville Mobile Mechanic will explain to you in detail what is going wrong with your vehicle and what he can do to fix it. He will then give you a quote for repairs.

In cases where an insurance company will make the repair payment. Townsville Mobile Mechanic will provide a report for the Insurer to facilitate the insurance claim.

If you chose Townsville Mobile Mechanic to do the repairs we will book you a time. Booking times reflect the time to obtain parts but are usually in the same week as the Diagnostic.

Getting the job done: Repairs

When you next see the Townsville Mobile Mechanic, he will be doing repairs and have all parts and equipment provided. The Townsville Mobile Mechanic only does the repairs you authorise so you will never get any nasty surprises when you receive the invoice. If further problems are discovered during repairs the Townsville Mobile Mechanic will talk to you about the problems and provide a further quote for your consideration. As the Townsville Mobile Mechanic only brings parts and equipment for your quoted job he cannot go ahead and do repairs outside the scope of the quote.