• Checking belts for wear

    Checking belts for wear

    Do you hear any squealing sounds from the engine when you drive? These sounds likely mean one or more belts are worn, lose or damaged. Some vehicles have two drive belts, but most modern vehicles have a single belt, called a serpentine belt. It’s a reinforced, ribbed rubber belt that delivers power to your alternator, air

  • Cleaning the Air Filter

    Cleaning the Air Filter

    A car air filter provides clean air to the engine to combine with fuel and produce a fuel vapour used in combustion. As your air filter gets used, it becomes clogged with dust, dirt, bugs and other airborne particles. When this happens, it’s necessary to change or clean your air filter to maintain vehicle performance

  • What is Leaking out of my car!

    What is Leaking out of my car!

    Ever wondered what is leaking from under your car? Concerned that something maybe wrong? The table below can be used as a guide to determine what fluid you may find leaking from your vehicle and what it means. Fluid Description Location Should I be concerned? Fuel Petrol has a distinctive smell we are all familiar