• Hybrid Cars

    Hybrid Cars

    I get asked a lot about Hybrid Cars. What are they? Are they as good for the environment as everyone thinks they are? How do you charge it up? Here is a quick explanation on Hybrid cars. Hybrid cars use a combination of battery technology (electric engine) and a petrol engine. There are four main

  • What fuel is right for my car?

    What fuel is right for my car?

    There are many different types of fuel around these days, and there can be some confusion as to which one is right for your car. I get asked what is the difference between the different types of fuel out there. So here is a quick run down on them. UNLEADED FUELS Unleaded fuels contain Octane.

  • What do those fault codes mean?

    What do those fault codes mean?

    People often ring me in a panic, asking for help because lights have appeared on their dashboard and they are unsure what they mean. So, I have put together a short list of what some of them mean.  This may help put your mind to rest. New vehicles all come with on board diagnostics 2