• How does it work? Electric Windows

    How does it work? Electric Windows

    Electric windows are essentially the same as a manual window-winding mechanism, except that the manual winder handle is replaced by a motor. The system usually consists of a two-way control switch wired by two circuits to a motor in each door. One switch position and circuit drive the motor one way to wind the window

  • Coping with Car-tastrophies: Coolant Leaks

    This may be a bit of an overshare, but we’re all friends here so I’ll just rip this little gem of an icebreaker off and cut to the chase. Now grocery shopping doesn’t do much for me at the best of times. Until it becomes socially acceptable to swill complimentary Vodka Fire Engines and sing

  • Squealing belts

    Squealing belts

    You don’t need to be a cast member of Top Gear to respect cars for the impressive mechanical inventions they are.  Our organic human anatomy is weak by comparison, too small too match the velocity of a 2000kg speeding chunk of metal.  We depend on our cars to be the strong ones of the relationship