• This is the 21st Century
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    This is the 21st Century

    There were 18.4 million registered motor vehicles in Australia. Yet motor vehicle service and repair workshops have remained almost unchanged for the last 50 years. • People are busy. We work 9-5 jobs. We work shift work. We have families. We run businesses. • The internet is the way we find information. We google. We

  • What is the MTAQ?

    What is the MTAQ?

    The Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) is the peak body representing automtive related businesses such as car dealerships, mechanical workshops, smash repairers and service stations. MTA Queensland works closely with governments both state and federal, and other decision-makers, to shape policy development and ensure positive outcomes for the industry. 10 Commitments to the

  • Essential Tools for Car Owners

    Essential Tools for Car Owners

    Your mechanic is the best person to maintain and service your vehicle. After all, they are trained professionals. But it is always wise to be prepared for those times is when you need to act yourself. Below are some essential tools you may need in case of an emergency. Jack/Axle Stands The jack and axle stands