• Reversing Cameras

    Reversing Cameras

    Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about Reversing Cameras. I thought I would take this opportunity to give you all a bit of information about them and what to look for when buying one. Basically, a reversing camera is a CCTV (closed circuit TV) camera that is mounted on the rear of

  • Going for a Road Trip?

    Going for a Road Trip?

    Holiday season is upon us and road trips are certainly one of the most popular ways to see our great country. But before you go anywhere it is essential to ensure your vehicle is safe and ready for a big trip: 1. Check-up Perform basic maintenance on your vehicle before you head out such as

  • Environmentally Friendly Car Ownership

    Environmentally Friendly Car Ownership

    Is it possible to be environmentally friendly and drive a vehicle? Well the two are not mutually exclusive – you can help protect the environment and be a motorist just by following four simple steps 1 Follow a vehicle service schedule. Routine maintenance helps reduce emissions and fuel consumption, saving money at the pump. 2.